Karolina Ścigała

psychologist, psychotherapist

individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents over 17 years of age

604 637 361
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I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist in the process of achieving my certification. I’ve graduated from Holistic Psychotherapy Course preparing for the Polish Psychiatric Psychotherapist Certification.
I provide psychological consultations and individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents over 17 years of age. I help people dealing with various mental issues: emotional and life crisis, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, stress, difficulties in relationship, mourning.
I work in Polish and English. Methods and techniques I use during the process are adjusted to clients’ needs and challenges they’re facing. My work is supervised by supervisors accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association.
My passion is to provide people with opportunities to develop and grow. Training programs I facilitate are based on psychological knowledge and business practice. I manage a mental wellbeing program with a goal to build awareness around mental health and strengthen mental resilience in the workplace.

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